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    ***Update: Download our analysis of BlackRock's Form 13F Securities Using 2 Degrees Investing Initiative's PACTA portfolio tool***

    ***Update: Download our comment letter on the SEC's proposal to raise the reporting threshold for investment managers filing Form 13Fs***

    ***Update: Purchase on Amazon.com "Sustainability and Capital Markets: Guide for US Companies" ***


    ***Update: Purchase on Amazon.com "Stock Buybacks: Equity Market Structure Considerations" ***


    We deliver bespoke solutions to capital markets problems faced by public and private companies and their stakeholders:

    • Investor targeting
    • Virtual investor meetings and roadshows
    • Investor presentation review
    • Investment storytelling
    • Financial communications
    • Exchange listing strategies
    • IPOs, SPACs, Direct Listings
    • Exchange selection
    • Liability management
    • Risk management
    • Active capital structure management
    • Liquidity solutions
    • Share repurchase
    • Capital formation
    • Special situations
    • Acquisitions
    • Fundraising


    Advisory services for responsible and impact investors, companies and exchange marketplaces seeking to encourage practical steps toward sustainable capitalism

    Sustainable ChampionsSM is a BrilLiquid service providing tailored solutions to rank companies by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria and the sustainability of their business practices and financial policies.

    SDG IRSM is a service to help companies position their investor relations activities in the context of corporate alignment to the SDGs.


    Pro-active steps to improve the secondary market liquidity

    For listed companies, bespoke programs include liquidity-focused share repurchase programs designed to mitigate share price volatility by creating liquidity for shareholders when it is needed most.

  • About Us

    BrilLiquid was founded in 2013 with a mission to create liquidity for less liquid public and private companies and make capital markets more effective for issuers and investors.

    Andrew MacInnes

    Managing Director

    Andrew has 20+ years of investment banking and capital markets experience gained at Salomon Brothers, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Oppenheimer, BrilLiquid, and China Renaissance. Andrew has public company financial, operational, and investor relations experience at Nasdaq-listed Voice-over-Internet-Protocol pioneer, magicJack.

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