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    ***Update: Download our analysis of BlackRock's Form 13F Securities Using 2 Degrees Investing Initiative's PACTA portfolio tool***

    ***Update: Download our comment letter on the SEC's proposal to raise the reporting threshold for investment managers filing Form 13Fs***

    ***Update: Purchase on Amazon.com "Sustainability and Capital Markets: Guide for US Companies" ***


    ***Update: Purchase on Amazon.com "Stock Buybacks: Equity Market Structure Considerations" ***


    We deliver bespoke solutions to capital markets problems faced by public and private companies and their stakeholders:

    • Investor targeting
    • Virtual investor meetings and roadshows
    • Investor presentation review
    • Investment storytelling
    • Financial communications
    • Exchange listing strategies
    • IPOs, SPACs, Direct Listings
    • Exchange selection
    • Liability management
    • Risk management
    • Active capital structure management
    • Liquidity solutions
    • Share repurchase
    • Capital formation
    • Special situations
    • Acquisitions
    • Fundraising


    Advisory services for responsible and impact investors, companies and exchange marketplaces seeking to encourage practical steps toward sustainable capitalism

    Sustainable ChampionsSM is a BrilLiquid service providing tailored solutions to rank companies by environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria and the sustainability of their business practices and financial policies.

    SDG IRSM is a service to help companies position their investor relations activities in the context of corporate alignment to the SDGs.


    Pro-active steps to improve the secondary market liquidity

    For listed companies, bespoke programs include liquidity-focused share repurchase programs designed to mitigate share price volatility by creating liquidity for shareholders when it is needed most.

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    BrilLiquid was founded in 2013 with a mission to create liquidity for less liquid public and private companies and make capital markets more effective for issuers and investors.

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